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Everything Else BrandAmbassador


- Here’s how it works!


1. Within this program you’ll be able to rep our brand, make some cash and receive some free gear.

2. We give you your own personal code, with a DOPE discount for you to purchase your gear- along with a separate discount code for you to post in your bio and give out to your followers/friends.

3. Take some photos, tag us, rep your Followers/Friends discount code and you’ll be rewarded for the times your code is used on our site with clothes or cash. 

-If you would like to get involved, shoot us an email to Michael or Flo

Brand Ambassador” with the information included below and we’ll hit you back with more of the details and get you started-

Sign up instructions:

Name, Email, Preferred social media user name or one social media link


Goodluck from the EE team!