About us

In 2014 Everything Else started as a local brand with a cultural mindset. The owner of the company, Michael De Winne, is a 30 years old lad with a passion for skateboarding, music, and art. And what do these passions have in common? CREATIVITY!

Life is all about creativity. Every design, every product, every solution, basically everything needs it. The best part is that everybody has it. What are your desires and how do you want to realize them? Which qualities do you have and how can you use them with the maximum result? What is the best way for you to chase your dreams and succeed? Be creative, in any vision.

So with his creative mind, Michael always supported the (local) skateboarding scène and the individuals. He organized events, contest, road trips, etc. This was his way to motivate every person. Everyone has his style, his thoughts, and qualities. So if we combine the best characteristics of everyone, we can create a powerful community with a lot of potential!

So basically the need to be creative, a passion for skateboarding, music, and art, together with a community-centered perspective, were the roots of his own company and brand, Everything Else.

We are a Cultural Brand with deep roots in Arts, Music & Sports.
Make the world a better place with Everything Else.


That’s why Everything Else also focuses on cultural aspects.  We want to reach everyone with our love for art, music, and sport. But that’s not the only thing, we also know it’s time to take care of the world. So we are going to share our eco-friendly mindset with everyone.

No better way to do this than through a community. One that everybody can join. Whoever you are, whatever you like or dislike, you are welcome! Our goal is to share our thoughts and to give new talents a chance to become bigger and better. Through cooperation, we will grow and succeed.

With this open mind, we want to introduce the present-day subcultures to the young and not so young kids. With a good vibe, a good laugh and good drinks we will merge different cultures and we’ll learn from each other. Let’s learn how to create new things, to love every country, to do new sports. Especially let’s learn how to make this world a better place. How bigger our community will be, the better we can change this planet for the good. So don’t hesitate to become a part of us!













And last but not least, Everything Else wants to thank everyone that helped to create and found this brand! The individuals who had Michaels back, our suppliers, the whole EE team and of course everybody who support us! Because together, we are Everything Else!


Through our Art, Music, and Skateboarding, we want to bring people together and make the world a better place.