Benny Huysmans Interview

Benny Huysmans

Team Manager
Benny Huysmans 

Age: 34

Skateboarding since: +- 1997

Local from: Aalst

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: Everything Else, Durex, Tarzan Dildo’s, Pornhub


Favorite trick: The ones I can land (don’t have a favorite one)

Favorite food: Pasta, Pizza, chocolate, cookies and your mom

Favorite drinks: Special beers and special soda’s (all the Fanta flavors)


Yow yow Benny, what’s up man?

My Penis, thanks to your mom. Just kidding, I”m good! How are you?


Haha! Glad you like her! And I’m fine, thanks man. You’re almost a real phenomenon in the skateboarding scène in Alosta. How did you start skateboarding?

Because of one of my other passions: movies. I first saw skateboarding in two of my favorite classics: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Police Academy. That’s when my interest was spiked for skateboarding. But it really blew my mind when, during a holiday at the seaside, I saw some skaters doing their thing. In that summer, for my 11th birthday, I got my very first deck.
That is how I started skating. It gave me some kind of freedom and an escape from the difficult times during my childhood. My deck became my best friend, it was always there when I needed a way out. And I loved the kick it gave me every time I learned a new trick. This was something I had never felt in any other sport of hobby. And so it became my passion for 23 years now. Hopefully for many more years!


In a lot skate sessions, you yell and throw with your board. Where does the skate anger come from?

In every long and great friendship there are arguments, and this is no different between my deck and I. Most of the time it’s because I know I can easily land some tricks, but on some days they just won’t work. Which is normal, not all days can be good ones. Those moments, I lose my patience. I guess it’s the curse of getting older and skating for so long. But that bitch better be working, though! (laughter)


Never thought about mindfulness? (laughs)

Yes, I smoke weed! (laughter)


Besides skateboarding and practicing mindfulness, do you have a job or what do you do?

I do your mom, and besides that I work as a warehouse keeper. And I love travelling, discovering new skatespots and parks, new towns, enjoying nature. For me it’s important to get to know other skaters, skate cultures and places. It gives me inspiration and motivation! I’m a simple man, I enjoy simple things in life. And I think this is important, to find happiness in those seemingly small moments. Peace, my future stepson.


Benny Huysmans


Positive vibes for life! That is why you are our Team Manager! How does it feel to be the Team Manager and how does that work out?

Awesome, it makes me feel sexy and bitches needs to listen. Hehe.
Being a team manager is more than just managing for me. I want to inspire skaters to stay down to earth, to have fun and to skate because they love it. For me skating is a passion and I want to see the same passion in our team members. I think it is important to skate for the right reasons: with your heart. Not to become the next big thing. Next to this I want to recreate the community as it once was: a group who support each other, because we all share that same passion.


AMEN! So TM, what will be the next teambuilding?

An Asian middle-aged midget shemale gangbang in your mom’s bedroom.


Maybe you watch too much porn (laughs), what is your favorite movie?

The sex-tape of your mom and I (your dad was filming, he approved).

You dirty little scumbag. Besides my mom, blondes or Brunettes?

Your mom’s hair.


F*** you Benny (Laughter)!  Thanks for the laughs and the wonderful interview homie!!!

Thank you! Give your mom a kiss for me.





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