You never heard this techno before!

Techno has always been electronic, ain’t it? Well, think again!

Meet Dario Ross, a happy Italian who loves music! Since he was born in 1988 at Rome, he started drumming on everything he came across with. Actually he tried to reproduce some cool sounds from the music he liked.

At the age of ten, he began to study percussions. It didn’t took long before he went straight to the drumset. 

With a big career ahead, in 2001 he began to play in a rockband for a while. But after all, he wanted something else. He wanted to produce his own and unique style! So ten years later he came up with an awesome experiment.

The idea was pretty simple, get some recycled materials and start using it as a drum! Highly inspired by 80’s new wave, EBM, industrial and old school techno, he started to make his own music!

Finally in 2011 he played for the first time on the streets in London, Piccadily Circus. Within several minutes a hole crowd was formed around him.

The experiment was a huge unexpected success. Since then, he started to play at some parties and festivals. But that was only the beginning. In 2014, a video of his street performance in Berlin went viral! If you didn't see it already, watch it now. 

After that first succes, he tried it in Amsterdam and Barcelona. and guess what? The same thing happened! Both performances went viral! Check them out yourself! 

Since then, everything went better. In 2015 he started his first European tour playing in the most important capitals and festivals. For example, Sziget Festival in Budapest, Bruxelles, Paris, Copenhagen, ...

Making music out of litterally almost everything, is a real talent. Therefore, a lot of people admired his work and talent, including some great artist in de music industry. And that led to amazing opportunities.

Here is some proof he really can play everything!

Nowadays he's working at his first official EP for over two years now. This summer it will be released on vinyl, digital and cd! So follow him closely and keep up to date with his music!

If u want to know more about Dario, check out his Facebookpage and / or check this interview by Drooble! 

Peace out! 


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  • Joshua Middleton

    I really admire your work.
    The drums and beats have been my interest ever since I was little.
    Recycling/Upcycling is one of the things that I like to do in my spare time.
    I am playing the guitar right now, but can’t seem to get the gist of it. Now that I have read your story and gotten a feel for what you do for a living, I may go back to the hobby that I was once good at.

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