One man’s thrash is another man’s …. ART

You all know the saying ‘One man’s thrash is another man’s treasure’, ain’t it? Well for some of them it’s a treasure of art. Last week when I did some research about our global waste problem, I found out some really cool stuff, that I had to share with you guys!
Look at it.

You already know that a lot of thrash get buried, burned or thrown away in the ocean (check the post from last week). But here you see some thrash that gets recycled! And how?! Some artist use trash and recycled materials for their pieces of art. This one duo in particular stole my attention, Tim Noble & Sue Webster. They met while studying Fine Arts in University. A few years later in 1996 they brought their first solo show, British Rubbish. It kicked in like a meteor. Using thrash and other recycled materials toghether with light gave them a special style. Since their first show, they enjoyed international recognition with a lot of solo exhibitions.

Like u can see, their most famous work are assemblages from rubbish like plastic bottles, broken tools, scrape-metals, etc. Thereafter they point light to create projected shadows. Also their sculptures en other weird objects are so well made. Yes, I must confess, their work is JAWDROPPING!

This artist duo really proofs we can see the best in everything. They are an example for the art industry and the society. Using all this garbage to make something that beautiful, can be considered as a real talent, hard work and all done with so much passion. That's how they make this world a better place.  

Anyway, I’ve said enough! Check it out yourself and if you want to see more of their work, check their website and give them a follow on Instagram! You can find it down below! 

Enjoy the art! 


All credits go to Tim Noble and Sue Webster! For a better view and more of their work, take a look at their website. I also recommand to follow them on Instagram, they're worth it! 


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