Meet Felix Altréus: the talented skate-minded illustrator.

Yes yes yes!!! You probably already saw we launched our second board, THE HOLY WOOD! This time Everything Else wanted to do something else. That’s why we wanted to come out with an amazing design! Therefor we  reached out for an international perspective. Out of nowhere we found an amazing Swedish talent, Felix Altréus!

Holy Wood Board

We were immediately  in love with his style and animated art so we offered him to create our new design!  This blog will guide you through Felix’ story and how we teamed up to get this design on fleek!

Michael, (the founder of Everything Else) really loved Felix’ style and creations and offered Felix a cooperation. We were astonished when he said yes! The Holy Wood series are a milestone for Everything Else and for Felix. It’s his first board design and Holy F*ck, what kind of one!

This was a huge step forward for both Everything Else and Felix. Joining forces has the power to improve overall products or services. Especially with the perspective of a COMMUNITY Brand we had to work together! This skate-minded artist had to be part of our community.

A lot of people already discovered his work , but it’s a real honor for us to cooperate with him! And after this design, he really deserves some credit. Especially to thank Felix we want to share his story with all of you guys! You can find the interview below!

Hi Felix, it’s such a pleasure to meet you! First of all, thank you for doing this interview! For all our readers that’s doesn’t know you, could you please introduce yourself?

I’m a 27 year old guy from a nice little town called Malmö in South Sweden. Actually I’m a childish dude that fancy all kinds of crap when it comes to cartoons. Of course I love to draw a lot and skate when I have some free time!

Felix Chilling

So how long do u already draw and/or design?

I began drawing when I was a kid, it started with drawing lots of weapon and death traps. It evolved  into something more serious over the years and I went to art school for two years which was the turning point I guess.

Where do you get your inspiration for your style? We see a lot cartoons in it, what’s the reason behind that?

Pretty much anywhere, but Instagram is the best way to connect with other illustrators. I follow dudes that always make me stoked about drawing. Cartoon is the simplest and most exciting way to draw. I was never good at fine art or good with pencil portraits so I just realized cartoon was the easiest way for me to make it good. I don’t like stuff that’s over done anyway. I watched a lot of cartoon as a kid, it all started there.

And from where came the thought, I am going to be a freelancer? And when did you start?

Actually, it just happened. After art school I didn’t really want to go study further directly like many of my classmates did. I wanted to check out what I could do with the skills I already had. Its all about hard work and be consistent about it. So I just started to take commissioned work from clients here and there.

What were your experiences of your first year as a freelancer?

To be honest, I realized freelance is really hard. To look for commission and then draw isn’t so easy as I once thought. If somebody else should do the boring part, it would be a lot easier to focus on the drawing.

How did you end up in the skateboarding scène and what do you think about it nowadays?

I started to skate when I was a kid. Everybody skated and people wanted to draw all the time, I was one of few that kept doing it. Skateboarding nowadays is overwhelming. It’s just too good out there, everybody filming and instagram etc. It kind of takes away the feeling, but I try to focus on my skateboarding and not being good and comparing to everybody. I just want to ride my board and improve my own skills. But I do like how it have blended together with fashion and art in such a nice way. That’s one of the best things with skateboard and art, and how they collaborating.

So how is the skateboarding scene in Sweden?

The scene is Sweden is amazing man. We got so many skateparks and one of them, Stapelbäddsparken, is huge! It's one of the biggest in Europe. We also have a skate gymnasium here in Malmö. It’s like a skateboarding high school, the only one in the world though. There are 6-7 skateparks in the city I live. Like I said, it’s really crazy!

That’s indeed really crazy! We really will going to visit you and have an awesome session in your hometown! Anyway, you made our new board design for Everything Else, what’s really sick by the way! Do you want to share what the thought was behind it?

Well, me and Michael sat down (online) and talked about how we wanted it to look. He came up with the idea that it should be a lots of people on a street, and lots of things are happening. We used a sketch to cooperate and we just kept adding crazy stuff along the way. In the end we were both stoked on the outcome and the whole idea!

How many boards did you already designed and for which brands? And what are your personal favorites?

Actually none. I made a couple for myself but that’s it. I  got a lots of request for designing boards for company but it never happen! It’s crazy because I’ve been designing pretty much everything I can come up to but never a skateboard which was one of the things I wanted to design the most. My dream was to designing boards for a living.
And my favorites? I’m dying for Sean Cliver and Mark McClees artwork.

Which project are u busy with these days? Or is that a secret? :D

Couple of own projects and commissions. Album covers and I’ve been preparing to be part on a exhibition in New York this summer. Want to do more skate decks too. I’m also trying to learn how to animate.

As last question, How do you see your future? What do you want to accomplish in like 10 years?

Working on stuff with cool people like yourself. Keep developing my own skills and hopefully be able to live on the freelance thing. Doing more board graphics for sure!

I really hope you will succeed in all your goals! We will support your work anyway! Thank you very much fort his awesome interview! We’re looking forward to the next collabs! 

Last but not least, make sure you follow him on Instagram for upcoming work! Thanks for reading and enjoy your day! 

Peace out. 


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