How to Boost your Creativity

It’s something special, isn’t it? Some people have it since their birth, other just don’t. At least, that’s what they think, maybe that’s what you think. Or you are in fact one of those talented creative people. But even then, writers have writer blocks, artist have artist blocks and so on.

The fact is, either you are a creative soul or not, creativity is a very important factor. That’s why we want to take you through a little journey about the importance of it with some tips and tricks how you can boost your own! 

“The power to create.” That’s the most clearly but most powerful definition of all. It’s about creating something in any possible way. The concept has a very wide range, it goes from drawing, painting, modelling, writing, to new tricks on your skateboard or to find a solution for a little or even a big problem.

Creativity ensured the life we live nowadays. Without creative people, we wouldn’t have books, machines, computers, internet, games, all those new fashion, those new designs on our favorite candy, etc. The point is, creativity is needed. The society needs it and so do you! Being creative have many positive outcomes.

It can help you find new ways to learn or to work. That way you can work better without working harder. Maybe you’ll come up with some life hacks or a genius way to recycle your junk.

Anyway, not everyone was given the same amount of creativity, at least that’s what they, maybe you, think. Everybody is creative, just in their own way. Either you’re an artist, a writer, a sportsman or even a ‘borig’ accountancy manager. Everyone is creative, and we’ll show how you can find your creativity. 

Igor Byttebier, a former student Economics, first had a career in the bank and textile industry. But later on, he became a trainer and consultant for COCD (Flemish Centre for Development of Creative Thinking – Centrum voor Ontwikkeling van het Creatief Denken). In one of his Flemish books ‘Creativiteit. Hoe? Zo!”  he explains  5 easy ways how we can improve our creativity!

We will explain these 5 methods followed with several tricks everyone can try!

The first thing he’s talking about is Observe Creatively. We all see things in specific patterns. You don’t really look to the details, but we notice the whole picture. And that’s just the thing we need to quit! Because we’re seeing everything into patterns, we’re becoming blind for new things.  So try to look at a simple object in different ways. Try to see everything apart or in other perspectives.

The best tip for doing this is just open up your mind. Try to admire surrealism. Figure out the details of a machine. Keep asking new things, be curious about everything and learn new things like a new language! Strengthen up your knowledge, because knowledge is power, isn’t it?

The second advice is Postponement of Judgement, which is closely related to Divergence. Both ways are practically the same. Most people have an idea and immediately try to work it out. Because we’re focusing on that one idea, we’re missing the opportunity to have new or more ideas. So when you have an idea, write it done and wait. Try to get extra ideas and compare them. While doing that, you can even come up with again new ideas.

Maybe you can go for a walk or do some exercises. Listen to music, don’t mind losing focus while you’re daydreaming. Because all that and the fact you postponing to make the final decision, will boost your creativity!

So instead going straight for your first idea, compare and overthink it. You’ll come up with new things you never had in mind before!

The following tip that Igor mentions is Associate Flexibly. Just write down a word and see with how many other words you can relate it. In the beginning you will notice you will relate everything with quite obvious things. The word ‘table’ immediately associates with chair or dinner. But maybe for some people it will refere to tabletop which is a tv-show for gaming. We need to train our self to associate with more uncommon things.

Some cool thing we found to stimulate this is for example the 30 circle test. Just draw 30 circles and in one minute, try to make as many different drawings as possible. Make every circle something new!

Last but not least, he talks about Develop Imagination. By visualization you can trigger your imagination the most! So try to draw something or use picture and make changes, add or leave some elements, etc. Boost your imagination and open up your mind. It will give you more benefits as you may think.

When it’s hard to improve your imagination, try to be the kid you once were. Open up your mind for new things. What can help is to draw or to write something. Even playing a video game makes you more creative. U can read absurd fiction or simply keep a toy at your desk. Yes, also a toy can help! 

So all this, should improve your imagination and creativity! So don’t forget to have an open mindset and just go with the flow. That’s how you can improve your creativity and how you will make this world a better place! 


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