Everything Else on Tour: Luxembourg


About two months ago Michael had the idea to strengthen the team vibe! So he decided to plan a trip for the whole team! Two days in one of the finest skateparks in Europe, the Peitruss Skatepark in Luxembourg.

park view pink

So the plans were simple: Friends, skateboarding, a camping, enough beer and a lot of fun, WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED?

Well, actually, nothing at all. We lived the moment, we skated the whole day and especially we made fun. We loved the friendship and the good vibes. Every trick was an accomplishment for each rider, so we shared our motivation and passion. Together we shredded the park and marked our spot.

You really need to check out all the photos and be sure to stick around for the upcoming aftermovie!



Waking up, eating breakfast, brushing our teeth and we were ready to roll! 
group chill
But first, let's chill! 
and chill some more...
and more 
and even more. 
group chill
Yes, we were all melting in that heat! 

Stay hydrated

So don't forget: stay hydrated! 
Why so serious Panis? 
Robin was only there for the vibes as you can see! 
pieje park
I guess Pieje was thinking about his next trick. Or food! 
pieje bowl
Here he was preparing himself to kill that bowl. 
pije indy
So he could fly high and touch the sky! 
pieje 50 bowl
Pieje was really shredding that thing! 
Cans tail
Also Dennis was on fire with this sweet tailslide! 
hardflip cans
And don't forget his bangin' hardflip! 
Friends, Homies, Brothers, Family. See you all next year! 
Big thanks for all the riders and homies who were there and definitely see you all next year! Muchos love to everyone who was there! 
Team Everything Else. 

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