Do you live in a dump?

No matter what you think, I’ll tell you the right answer: YES, YOU DO!
Yes, I’m talking to you. To you, your parents, friends, family and even those cute pets of yours. Everybody and everything lives in a dump. We are slowly suffocating our planet. Our oceans are filled with microplastics, and our land gets polluted by all our trash! It’s not hard to find out, especially when I tell you a little fact. Global around the world we produce 10 MILLION TONS OF WASTE EVERY SINGLE DAY! To be honest, that is a lot of waste. Where does it all go? Maybe you don't really want to know. But here I come again with fact number two.

“First world countries” are exporting a part of their tons of waste to “third world countries”. And who knows what happens with all the garbage there. There is just too much waste to get rid of. So they burn or dump it. Our land is reduced to one big trashcan and we made plastic soup from our oceans! If you don't believe me, please take a look at this picture. It's a "new" Caribbean island. Would you like to go there for your tropical vacation experience?Thrash Island in the Caribbeans

And not only our land and our water but almost every animal is suffering from it! Turtles, birds, fish, even whales and sharks are dying from all the plastic in their stomach. Do some research and you’ll find enough articles, studies and other information. Or watch this video below:

It’s not that I will prohibit you to buy or use plastic things. I just would like to ask all of you to think about this. On what kind of planet will our children live? What about their children, and the generations after them? Can you imagine the dump we will all have created in some decades from now? Do you dare to imagine this without any sense of caring? Would you care?

Every company, every organization and every person should do their best to recycle, reuse and clean up this world. Including us! Because I believe when we all work together, WE CAN MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE!!!

Peace out

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